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Principal's Message

Principal Betty Romeo

As the very proud Principal of this academically selective state high school with a well-respected history of providing exceptional educational outcomes and opportunities for high potential learners since 1916, I warmly welcome you to the website of St George Girls High School. 

School Vision Statement

St George Girls High School is a supportive learning environment that empowers high potential learners to explore their talents and maximise their academic and personal growth within a culture of high expectations.

The school community values high impact teaching and collaborative practice to build the capacity of students to be self-regulated and reflective learners.

The school offers a broad curriculum and a range of experiences that create the opportunity for students to maximise academic and personal excellence in their identified talent domains. Students are supported to realise their potential and become self-regulated learners, through a process of reflection and evaluative thinking, within a well-defined school culture of high expectations and personal best.

The school community values collaborative practice to improve learning outcomes for every student through targeted high impact professional learning for staff to inform and enhance teaching practice and to effectively meet the needs of high potential learners.

St George Girls High School is committed to building a strong foundation across the school community where students, teachers and parents demonstrate a deep understanding of the needs of high potential learners and actively engage in supporting talent development to achieve high performance.

St George Girls High School has a strong commitment to create quality learning experiences and opportunities for all learners in a high performing learning environment that encourages and supports the development of healthy, happy, successful and engaged learners, while also ensuring that the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of the students continue to be nurtured and prioritised.

The character we nurture at St George is on display each day through the actions of our students. Our learners are caring, respectful, honest, driven, self-regulated and responsible.

As a selective school community, we have the privilege to educate students of incredible potential and talent, yet we are most proud of the character and values that we instill in our learners and what the ‘Dragon PRIDE Way’ represents in action each day.

The way we ask our students to wear their uniform with PRIDE reinforces that we value respect, and that our students are proud to belong to this outstanding learning community. The way we see our students engage with their learning in a proactive manner and reflect on their progress highlights how we value the pursuit for excellence and students achieving their personal best.

The way our students relate, engage and care for each other, their teachers and for members of the wider community highlights the respectful young women they are. We are most proud when we witness our students show a deep care and affection for those around them.

We are an inclusive community, where our diversity and differences are celebrated, valued, nurtured and are recognised a key source of our strength.

Our students are diligent and driven.  We see our students not give up when they face challenges or inevitable obstacles in their learning or in their personal life. We as a learning community share in the joy when our learners improve their academic grades because they have invested the necessary commitment and effort needed for success. As Edison kindly reminds us “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”.

Our students are also not naive enough to think that having talent and intelligence is enough to be successful at school and in life. To have that added edge for success, students need to be emotionally resilient. That is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and to grow through failure. It is the capacity for students to be self-aware, to understand, and manage their emotions. This must also be prioritised, as this gives students a critical edge and this is something that we value and develop in our learners at St George Girls High School.

All these things represent what we value, what we are working towards, in essence our character. This is who we are and embodies us as a school and learning community. This is what we do intentionally day in and day out and this is what defines and unites us.

In 2024, we continue with the implementation phase of our 2022-2026 Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP). The 3 Strategic Directions, Student Growth and Attainment, Collaborative Practice and Building Capacity that underpin the 2022-2026 SIP, will continue to provide the platform to sustain a school culture of high expectations and an ongoing commitment to continuous school improvement.

I am excited to lead and support the exciting initiatives that we have been working towards in the areas of differentiation, formative assessment, explicit teaching, feedback and cultivating a high expectations school culture. This work is pivotal to ensure that we continue to deliver quality educational outcomes, experiences, and opportunities for the high potential learners we have the privilege to serve each day.

Ms B. Romeo