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There are many opportunities for students at St George Girls High School to participate in extra-curricular clubs and leadership experiences.

Listed below is some general information about the purpose of each club and what opportunities they offer. If you would like any further information about the clubs and teams listed below, please contact the school for assistance. 

All Sorts Club

All Sorts Justice Club is a student led club at St George Girls High School which helps promotes diversity. All Sorts aims to create a safe environment where everyone can share their thoughts and feel accepted for who they are. The All Sorts club facilitates Wear It Purple Day each year and if you are interested in joining, the All Sorts Justice club meets every Tuesday Lunch in Room 16. Everyone is welcome.

Anime and Manga Club

The Anime and Manga Club is a leisure club hoping to provide a casual medium for anime fans of all kinds to gather, have fun and make friends along the way. This club is hosted on Thursday lunches in room 17, and anyone is welcome to join the fun.

Badminton Club

With Badminton being one of the fastest growing sports in the world, we are excited to be offering a SGGHS girls Badminton club in Term 2. We aim to provide a supportive space for students of all skills levels and abilities to come and enjoy a friendly game of badminton. As the club continues, we hope to offer a competitive game for those who want to improve their court awareness and tactics for success.

Composition Club

The Composition Club is a space provided for aspiring songwriters and composers to familiarise themselves with their composing process, as well as growing alongside peers in their creative journeys. Students can connect with their peers and share musical ideas, concepts and techniques to express themselves however they like.


The St George Girls High School Debating teams are filled with passionate debaters from Years 8-12. Students selected in these teams get to participate throughout the year in different debates with other schools. During the year, students will engage with different current affairs and practise debating skills by attending team meetings at lunch. Debating allows students to develop collaborative and public speaking skills and is a fun way to discuss different topics and relevant issues. Debating is a wonderful way to make new friends, and student team are a great way to form friends with like-minded students. 

Duke of Edinburgh: Gold, Silver and Bronze Adventures

The Duke of Ed is a program offered to students from Year 9 onwards, allowing young people to embark on adventurous journeys and make a lifetime of memories through the experiences of the trip. The program encourages participants to try new thing, build life skills and get students out of their comfort zone. Depending on the award level students are participating in will determine the types of adventures and overnight activities undertaken. Take the leap, get involved and enjoy creating friendships along the way that will last a life time.  

Enviro Council and Sub-committees

The Enviro Council at St George Girls High school consists of three sub-committees including, worm farm team, held every day outside the junior toilets, the gardening team held out on the hockey field and the paper recycling team, held in room 5 on Tuesdays. Here at St George Girls High School our students are always looking for new ways to reduce the impact we make on the planet, and take their responsibility for caring for the environment very seriously. The school worm farm team feeds our worms, which helps to fertilise the gardens around the school. The gardening team grows its very own vegetables which staff and students take home to eat when ripe and ready. Our students support and participate in the Return and Earn enviro initiative, allowing both students and staff to recycle their plastic bottles and aluminium cans. Finally, the paper recycling team makes our school more sustainable by emptying the recycling bins every Tuesday! There are many ways to get involved in enviro teams so be sure to join!


Lighthouse Christian group is a group of students who read the Bible, learn about God and Jesus, pray, play games, and just hang out!

Programming Club

The Programming club was designed to create a space for students with a passion for technology, for exploring their fascination within the subject and to allow students to foster their passion with others of the same interest. This term the club will focusing on topics such as Cybersecurity, Game Design & Robotics. The Programming club can be found in Computer Room 1 on Monday After-School or Friday lunch and we encourage all students who want to facilitate their interest in technology to come along.

Poetry Club

Poetry Club is a safe space for all aspiring poets to show off their skills and improve on them! In this club students write, analyse and recite poetry, and, increasingly more this year, students will be given the opportunity to choose what your pieces we will be exploring.   

Music Ensembles

If you are an aspiring musician, would like to expand your musical ensemble skills and play your favourite pieces with a bunch of your friends then you should consider joining one of our many Music Ensembles. Joining the music ensembles is a fantastic way for students to make friends, learn many valuable skills and develop their confidence to perform in front of an audience. Our school ensembles cater to all instruments and abilities as well as provide the opportunity to attend annual music camps, road trips and international trips.  All of the clubs at St George Girls High school have a designated teacher co-ordinator who supports the students provide these opportunities.


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